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‘Turn your manners into the foundation of your success’ – Amanda King

Amanda King

Meet Amanda King

Ms Amanda King holds a Bachelor degree in Management Human Resources. Is trained and certified as a International Social Etiquette Consultant and as a Youth Etiquette Expert at the renowned Minding Manners International Etiquette and Protocol Academy of London.

She has also completed her etiquette training and education at the Institut Villa Pierrefeu Finishing School in Glion, Switzerland where she received certificates in The European Art of Dining and International Etiquette and Protocol.

With many  years experience in Recruitment, Training and Development it was there that she was inspired to bring the art of international savoir-vivre and etiquette to Australia, bridging  Australasia to Europe. As the founder and principal of Success with Manners Australia’s first high-end boutique finishing school based in Sydney. She combines her experience in recruitment, Human Resources and a Swiss finishing school to create a unique high-end environment for students to acquire skills for a lifetime. Success with Manners launched in Sydney, Australia in 2011. Specialising in Social & Business etiquette to help prepare University graduates from Ivy League Institutions and young adults from Melbourne’s and Sydney’s most prestigious Private schools, with the best tools for employment, personal branding and social success.  The company has grown into a second generation of etiquette training in Australia after continuing her mothers finishing school work with elite private schools such as MLC, Scotch College, Firbank and Brighton Grammer. We are Sydney’s first high-end etiquette institution to bring back the tradition of the European Finishing School, exclusively only this time in an accessible, contemporary and modular format.

The Success with Manners International Etiquette, Finishing School and certification program is based on the traditional principles of the finest Swiss Finishing Schools. We train in European Savoir-vivre that extends well beyond basic manners to also include style, image and elegance.Traditionally, finishing schools in Switzerland served young women from aristocratic European families. The purpose was to provide them with teachings on social and cultural etiquette and graces, art, creative development and home management. Over the years women and men have progressed from the dining room to the boardroom, most of these traditional Swiss institutions have closed. In their place, Success with Manners Sydney’s Finishing School introduces modern-day etiquette classes to Australia in a modular format addressing the needs of today’s women and men.

We conduct our life-changing, confidence-building leadership and life-skills programs for corporations, universities, public and private schools, and individuals of all ages. We conduct our programs, soft skills and equipment across the country and around the world. Working with a variety of businesses, schools and individuals, all of whom are looking to improve the impression they create.

"Our aim is to help you be the best person you can be. By knowing that no matter who you are or what you do, your manners has a direct impact on your professional and social success."

In today’s increasingly global society, international etiquette is an essential resource that often determines who becomes a leader, and who gets left behind. We could say it is your passport to feeling at ease in any situation – from effortlessly navigating the place setting of a formal meal to correctly greeting and entertaining VIP Clients.

Success with Manners is Australia and New Zealand’s leading internationally certified etiquette training provider. We are based in Sydney Australia and consult worldwide. Our business etiquette, social etiquette and children’s etiquette programs are customised for individuals who recognise that etiquette can make or break their future.We will take you from being unnoticed to unforgettable by adding polish to your image and increasing your self-confidence.

You will put the anxiety of “not knowing what to do when” aside, so that you can focus on the matters at hand while feeling poised, polished and powerful in every situation. So when you’re ready to take your life to the next level, or you want to refine your manners, contact us now for more information.

We are committed to providing the highest quality programs, seminars, consultations and coaching sessions available for professionals, individuals, students and young children. Certified, accomplished and knowledgeable in all facets of international etiquette and protocol, we work with each client individually to develop unique programs customised to enhance presence and distinguish individuals and corporations from the status quo. Our consultants and partners all have substantial etiquette experience, and are highly trained experts in their particular field, offering our clients’ unmatched expertise and service.

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