Terms & Conditions

Success with Manners is an international etiquette and protocol consultancy located in Sydney, Australia. We offer business etiquette, protocol and finishing school training with the London Minding Manners Licence in Australia, New Zealand.

Program and Course Availability

Success with Manners reserves the right to modify the assortment of etiquette and other programs and sessions including dates, times, availabilities and prices according to the constraints imposed by the directors, partners and suppliers. Success with Manners also reserves the right to inform the consumer about the above modifications. In the case of prolonged unavailability of a class, Success with Manners will propose to the consumer an equivalent substitute course or the total reimbursement of the original course.

Prices are given in Australian Dollars and are effective at the time of the order’s validation by the consumer. These prices do not include the contribution to the translation costs. Translation costs are additional and will be indicated before the final validation of the order form.

The accepted methods of payment include: bank wire transfers, cheques payable in Australian Dollars (from an Australian based bank account at least three weeks prior to the course), credit/debit cards (via PayPal) or cash. For any other method of payment, please contact Success with Manners by telephone at 02 8094 8864 or by email.

Course Dates and Timetables
The etiquette and other course schedules are planned in advance and may be communicated on demand via email or telephone. They are also available on the Success with Manners website. Success with Manners reserves the right to modify the course schedules and places at any time. In case of complete cancellation of a course by Success with Manners, we commit ourselves to reimbursing the whole of the amount of your course or to rescheduling the course to a later date.

Success with Manners is international. The courses are given in English and can be translated into French, Russian, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese or most other languages with translation costs at the client’s expense.

Reception of Foreign Participants
Each participant is responsible for his or her Visa, travel and other administration arrangements. Success with Manners has a variety of hotel partners and would be pleased to provide you with additional information; however reservations and bookings are your sole responsibility.

Success with Manners maintains Business Liability Insurance.Each participant shall be regarded as carrying his or her own risk for personal injury or loss of property during the program. We strongly recommend that, at the time of the booking your travel, you take out a travel insurance policy of your choice. The policy taken should include loss of deposit/registration fee through cancellation, medical insurance, loss or damage to personal property, financial loss through disruption to accommodation or travel arrangements due to business failures, strikes or other industrial action, other Force Major occurrences or Acts of God. Success with Manners is in no way responsible for any claims concerning insurance.

Booking Terms and Conditions
A registered place is only confirmed once we have received your deposit or payment in full. You will receive a payment receipt and a Letter of Confirmation. Venue details are included in the Letter of Confirmation