We will educate young ladies in The Art and Etiquette of English Afternoon Tea at our prestigious Finishing School Success with Manners.

Etiquette is the fruit of manners and it deals directly with kindness, consideration, elegance, style and decorum. Here are some quick tips to start you on the road to social grace. Decorum, elegance, societal savoir-faire and a cosmopolitan view on the world uniquely distinguish you in all that you do. Success with Manners provides the highest quality etiquette, finishing school and lifestyle management programs to fit discerning individual desires. We offer a variety of dynamic, interactive sessions to polish your social, dining and communication skills.

High Tea Event

Our crash course will explain the rich social history, social mores and etiquette that go with this idyllic meal. The course is ideal for groups but can be delivered as private tuition. Learn the differences between cream tea, afternoon tea, high tea and royal tea whilst gaining insight into the origins and traditions of teatime. This is a delightful hands-on tutorial including an elegant 3-course tea meal and tea ceremony.

COST: $99

Our class will address the importance of deportment, poise and posture. Learn to project confidence, elegance and charismatic leadership through your movements by reinforcing proper posture and body language. You will discover tips and tactics for graceful standing, walking, sitting and gesturing as well as professional tips to add presence and style to your daily routine. Ladies will discover techniques for elegantly walking in high heels, descending a staircase and getting in and out of a car with grace. Gentlemen will fine tune their skills for properly escorting a lady, putting on and removing coats, et cetera.

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