Social Etiquette Program

Etiquette is the fruit of manners and it deals directly with kindness, consideration, elegance, style and decorum. Here are some quick tips to start you on the road to social grace.

Teen Etiquette Program

Success with Manners youth programs are based on contemporary international etiquette and leadership essentials that prepare children, teens and young adults to make their best

Children’s Etiquette Program

Give a special child in your life a gift that will last a lifetime, enabling him or her to effectively participate in his or her future by handling social, scholastic and professional situations with

Welcome to a world of luxury..

Welcome to Australia's Only European Accredited Finishing School Success with Manners. We specialise in Deportment, Poise, Posture, Elocution, Dining Etiquette and social Success with our Art of Conversation Module. We offer a wide range of etiquette programs for business and social success training.  We facilitate our life-changing, confidence building training workshops for corporations, schools and universities, private individuals, young adults and children across the country.

What is our most 'POPULAR' Etiquette Course?

Our Social Success Etiquette Workshop For Woman 18-60, our young ladies Finishing Touch Program aged 18-30 is our most popular program. This workshop will show you how to make a positive first and lasting impression wherever you go, it will equip you with the essential etiquette knowledge to polish your personal image and acquire more confidence in all social situations. Our workshops are fun, fast-paced and interactive.

Topics include; first impressions, positive posture and body language. Personal style, wardrobe and impression management. Voice and articulation skills, speaking with polish and power. Dining skills, table manners and cocktail party etiquette, deportment, posture and poise, art of conversation and the art of afternoon tea.

International Etiquette is the knowledge of the world and the ways or usages of polite society. These skills are critical today: knowing how to make introductions, dress tastefully, using the correct cutlery at the dining table, carrying yourself with grace and sophistication and speaking with clarity. Success with Manners, the Original Australian School of Etiquette will help you to develop these important skills to support your private and professional lives, refining you into an elegant lady or confident business executive. Etiquette does not divide cultures or classes but rather brings people together. Etiquette allows you to be a better version of yourself. We teach you individually how.. We are Australia's Only Accredited European Etiquette Company.

Email or call us today to Register for yourself on on our upcoming 'The Refined Woman' Social Etiquette Workshop for Young Woman 18-30, limited spaces.

Western social manners and etiquette of international etiquette is the ritual of daily life with each other the General by the international community. These skills are crucial in today's: the public knows how to introduce yourself, dress appropriately, use proper table manners, elegant poise and speak clearly. "Australia charm school" will help you develop these important skills, not only to individual lives and careers to help you and make you into an elegant woman or confident of business executives. Manners regardless of cultural or class, but to bring people together. Etiquette makes you more attractive and competitive!

We work closely with our image consultant partners to provide workshops, coaching, and Australian Etiquette blog. Amanda King an accredited Etiquette Expert provides individuals the tools to successfully and confidentially navigate a variety of settings–from upscale dining and business meetings to social gatherings. Her approach to etiquette is unique in its trendy and conversational teaching style and ease of implementation. Workshops like “The modern woman” and “Refinement the Finishing Touch workshop” bring relevancy and light heartedness to a field otherwise seen as out-dated. She is a certified Etiquette Consultant, and received education in the “The European ‘Art of Dining’” “International Etiquette and Protocol” from the Minding Manners Finishing School in UK. Success with Manners has been featured in Women’s Health Magazine, and many others. Join us in being certified in Australia’s top Finishing School. We want you to embrace living a life in Savoir-vivre "knowledge of the world and the ways or usages of polite society." Or in French 'knowing how to live.'


西方社會禮儀和國際禮儀禮儀是彼此一般由國際社會日常生活的儀式。這些技巧是至關重要的在今天的︰ 公眾知道如何自我介紹、 著裝得體、 使用適當的餐桌禮儀,優雅的風度和講清楚。
"Australia 魅力 school"將説明您開發這些重要的技巧,不僅對個人生活和職業生涯,説明你,讓你進入一個優雅女人或自信的企業高管。無論文化禮儀或類中,但是,使人在一起。

禮儀使你更具吸引力和競爭力 !